Senin, 23 Mei 2011

We're On LOCALOCK by Ria Papermoon

senang sekali rasanya bisa mendapat sepercik perhatian dari seseorang yang benar-benar menginspirasi kami - Ria Papermoon. Localock adalah liputan a la Ria, mengenai barang-barang yang dimiliki, didapatkan, dihadiahkan, dan dibeli dari kreator lokal. Silakan melihat-lihat Localock lainnya di sini :)

LOCALOCK : Ojanto's Birdie Tote Bag

dear guys!!

it's another LOCALOCK series!! :D

wooww... it's been so long time!
well..well.. some friends asked me when will their wonderful lovely things be posted in my LOCALOCK series...
but for your information, guys... please be patient... ;)

since "localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get , given or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator... so i always want to share it with you in a great way, friends...

and it needs time... ;)
like the one i want to share with you now...
please give a HUGE applause for OJANTO !!! yeiiiyy!!! *clap clap clap!!! :D

i bought this wonderful tote bag from OJANTO (now is a duet of OJan and Putri (Pingkan- for me!!)..

it's full with 'birdie on the branch' pattern.. LOVELY! :D

and about the spot? the location to take my picture? hoohohohho...
it's a secret for now, dear... i promise to tell you where it is!! :D

isn't it the best spot for taking pictures with OJANTO's birdie tote bag ??


"localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get, have given or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator. You can check another "localock" post in HEREand HeRe .. ;)

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